On 3/9/06, sophana <sophana@zizi.ath.cx> wrote:
Now I'm looking for a method for generating forms.
formkit looks quite good, although not that simple.

Hello Sophana.

I'm one of the authors of FormKit.

The apparent complexity is largely due to the crappiness of HTML, but we've done a pretty good job (IMHO) of putting a consistent api across all field types. most of the complexity is under the hood and out of your hair... again, IMO.

It would be pretty easy to do what you ask -- to make SQLObjects and FormKit fields more intimately hooked together. You could write a simple Validator/Convertor that would inspect your database objects to determine what's required.

Ultimately, there is no free lunch however, eventually you will find an example of something you need that is not easily "automated" by such a hack... again, HTML (and especially forms) SUCK. Sooner or later you'll have a database object that's too complicated for 'smart' code, and will have to break your own rules...

Ian's approach with FormEncode might be more to your liking... stop trying to mess with HTML and start worrying just about values.

If you have any specific FK questions, let me know.

Good luck.