The problem is, I don't know what exactly triggers the problem.  It's rare -- it has only happened a few times in the last couple of months on our production server, and I can't reproduce it.  So the only test I know of is to simply install the fixed mod_webkit2 on our production server and see if the problem happens any time in the next month :-)
I am running the new mod_webkit2 on our test server here (which is under fairly heavy load), and if that doesn't turn up any problems I'll move it onto our production server and monitor it.
- Geoff
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Is it possible to build a test case that exercises the proper behavior? :-)


On Jan 20, 2005, at 6:34 PM, Geoffrey Talvola wrote:

Anyone with C experience and experience with Apache 2.X modules? Mind

looking over the mod_webkit code for Apache 2?

Today I was looking through the code for mod_webkit for Apache 2.X and I

found what looked like a fairly obvious bug in the

transact_with_app_server() function. I think it would possibly cause

mod_webkit to repeatedly attempt to connect with the appserver when it

wasn't supposed to. We have occasionally seen this happen on our servers,

which is why I was looking at the code in the first place.

I've fixed the code to the best of my knowledge and checked in the fix to

CVS, and tested, but I get the feeling that the code could use a 2nd pair of

eyeballs. Preferably someone who has experience with the Apache APIs,

because that's all Greek to me. I wouldn't be surprised if there were bugs

in the usage of the Apache API's because they are quite complicated.

(Note that I'm only referring to the Apache 2 mod_webkit -- Apache 1.3 uses

a totally different code base.)

- Geoff


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