You can put startup code in awake() and cleanup code in sleep() methods of a servlet.  These methods get called at the beginning and end of every request for that servlet.  For example:
class MyPage(Page):
    def awake(self, trans):
        Page.awake(self, trans)
        # your code goes here
    def sleep(self, trans):
        # Your cleanup code goes here
        Page.sleep(self, trans)
The servlets never get deleted until the app server is shut down -- they get reused instead.  That's why you have to put your cleanup code in sleep() instead of __del__().
- Geoff
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But how can I add this thing per servlet?
I'm having a servlet (or context) that opens a DB connection when started and need to close it when it is done. Can't I add a close() function to the context/servlet? this should be changed IMHO.

Geoffrey Talvola <> wrote:
Meh Lounge wrote:
> Can anyone please provide me with such function. How
> can I order webware to do thing when a servlet or when
> a context is closed?

You can call Application.addShutDownHandler(func) where func is any callable
object. It will be called when the app server is shut down.

- Geoff

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