You can use self.callMethodOfServlet('MyServlet', 'title') to instantiate MyServlet and call its title() method.
This is exactly the reason why callMethodOfServlet was added.
- Geoff
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From: Winston Wolff []
Sent: Monday, September 27, 2004 10:43 PM
Subject: [Webware-discuss] Building a table of contents dynamically

I would like to dynamically build a list of PSP pages _with their titles_ so I can automatically generate a table of contents. Has anybody tried to do this?

I have seen the example that finds all the files in the current folder. That does the first half, i.e. find the URI to the pages in a folder. But I also want to call the title() method to get the title, and that's where I am having troubles. I have been experimenting with __import__() to try to load the PSP pages in a folder, but that seems to be very complicated. I keep running into problems with Webware's custom module loader. I'm wondering if Webware has any way to do that already.