I have a client who has some psp pages that they need to be able to run on their Apache web server.  I searched around on the web, and came across the Webware Webkit, and I believe this is the proper product that I need to get these pages working.
Here's my configuration:
RedHat 7.3
Apache 1.3.27-2
Python 2.2.2
I have followed the install instructions, and I am able to access the webkit thru the /cgi-bin/wkcgi location.  I can view the PSPTest pages and it all seems to be working.
However, I need to configure the server so that I can run .psp pages from anyplace on the server, similar to how .php pages work.  I found the information in the docs about this, and have added the following lines to my apache httpd.conf:
# attempting to get .psp files to run anywhere, using the webware webkit..
<Location /WK>
        WKServer localhost 8086
        SetHandler webkit-handler
AddHandler psp-handler .psp
Action py-serverpages /WK/
AddType py-serverpages .py
Now, when I try to run .psp pages, I get an error page with the traceback window.  Since I have no knowledge of python, this is hard for me to diagnose.
I'm not sure if there's a problem with the script or not, so I tried the PSPTests.psp script to see if I could get that working in a different directory.  I copied everything from the /var/www/Webware/PSP/Examples directory into /var/www/html/PSPTest, but when I go to PSPTest/PSPTests.psp, I am presented with an error page again.  It doesn't seem like I have .psp pages working outside of the wkcgi interface... but I'm lost as to why not.
Here's some links to the server pages... maybe someone with a little more knowledge than myself can look at them quickly and find out where I've gone wrong:
PSP Examples page:
and the page that started it all:
I'm at a loss as to what to try next, so any help is _greatly_ appreciated.