I still haven't tested your modification sorry, but the code is very similar to the one I use.
Just to say that HTTP_HOST does not always exist in some rare cases, with some exotic clients (generally bad robots).
Maybe a try/except would help, but what to use instead?

Christoph Zwerschke a écrit :
sophana wrote:
Yes I have a rewrite rule, but the rule does not apply in this case.
This may explain that I don't get the expected result.
What I don't understand is that, even if the url was rewritten, the
result is simply wrong... The apache name must not be used.

It does not matter whether your URL is rewritten or not. If (and only 
if) the engine is on, then Apache (mod_rewrite) sets SCRIPT_URI, which 
includes the canonical name (the one that you don't want), and this is 
returned by serverURL().

This does the same as serverURL() except for checking SCRIPT_URI, right?
I wouldn't have written that if the result was the same... ;-)

I only wanted to make sure that the only reason why the result is not 
the same is that you have the rewrite engine on and thus have SCRIPT_URI 
  set (with the canonical hostname instead of HTTP_HOST).

I've implemented my suggestion with the canonical parameter now (see 
http://svn.w4py.org/Webware/trunk/WebKit/HTTPRequest.py). Can you let me 
know whether this solves your problem with serverURL()?

-- Chris

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