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Tim Roberts a ?crit :
There's nothing wrong with Webware, of course, but there are a LOT of
very competent Python web frameworks available today (in fact, I wrote
an essay on that in comp.lang.python last week), and Webware isn't the
top of my list any more.
Could we have a pointer to your essay?

My comp.lang.python newsgroup posting from last week was in response to someone who wanted to create their own, brand-new Python web framework, and was asking for advice.  My response was basically that, although I understand the attraction of doing it yourself, the current plethora of frameworks is actually hurting Python as a language.  It would serve us better to pick one or two of the good existing solutions, and concentrate on making them "excellent".  Here's a tinyurl link to the Usenet posting on Google:  http://tinyurl.com/lrlnv

I did, however, write a Wiki page several years ago giving my real-world experiences with several of the then-popular solutions.  It's at http://wiki.python.org/moin/WebSolutionComparison.

I did a tour of the numerous python web framworks available not so long
ago. I choosed webware, because it is simple and powerful.
Which one did you choose?

My current favorite is CherryPy with Cheetah.  I like the compactness, simplicity, and deployment ease of CherryPy, and I really like the expressiveness of Cheetah (which, by the way, also integrates quite well with Webware).  However, ALL of this is so very personal that just giving a recommendation is not particularly helpful.  I, personally, like the ability of doing a little bit of computation in my templates, which draws me to Cheetah.  Others find that thought horrifying, and want a nearly pure separation of presentation from computation.

By the way, I don't want to seem to be detracting from Webware.  I know this is a Webware mailing list, and Webware has been very, very good to me.  I've just drifted away, so to speak.
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