Never mind,

A little more probing revealed that if I specify, I get the expected result now. So:

1.) Don't put the location tag in a conf.d file
2.) Specify a filename, maybe the default URL isn't set up properly or something.

In any case, I can get started. Thanks very much.


On 1/23/07, Tennessee Leeuwenburg <> wrote:
Thanks for the suggestion. Partial success. Different problem.

I had the location tag in conf.d/mod_webkit.conf

I moved it into conf/httpd.conf, immediately under the suppler "server-status" handler.

I got server-status working properly, then set about making webkit-handler appear the same.

After a restart, when I visit /WK on my server, I now get redirected back to /. The terminal where I am running ./AppServer says "HTTPResponse: /WK: Moved Permanently". I'm really not sure what that means!

Any ideas? I would have expected to see the default page that I saw when I was running the supplied HTTP server with documentation links.


On 1/23/07, Christoph Zwerschke <> wrote:
Tennessee Leeuwenburg wrote:
> * Added the snippet from the installation guide setting up the <Location/>
> tag
> * Been baffled.

Did you restart/reload Apache2 after that? Are you sure you put the
Location tag (should be <Location /WK>) in the right (virtual host)
config file? What happens if you put another handler that should work
inside the Location tag (e.g. SetHandler server-status) instead of
webkit? Does that work? What is the output of apache2ctl -t?

> What is the quickest, most reliable way to integrate Apache2 with
> WebWare? I have a demo application I have written using the supplied
> HTTP server, and I would like to deploy it using Apache

What you did should be the best way. Check your Apache config again. It
always worked like a charm for me.

-- Chris

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