Hi all,

I am struggling to get mod_webkit to work. Apache2 is ignoring SetHandler completely, and looking for /var/www/html/WK/ instead (seen in access.log and error.log of server). I have

* Installed webware
* Make a working directory in ~/PyMonitor
* Turned off the HTTP server in the config file
* Executed the AppServer script and observed no errors
* Installed mod_webkit
* Checked that LoadModule mod_webkit causes no errors
* Added the snippet from the installation guide setting up the <Location/> tag
* Been baffled.

A bit of web searching shows some other people having problems with their SetHandler tags, but I couldn't find anything specific.

What is the quickest, most reliable way to integrate Apache2 with WebWare? I have a demo application I have written using the supplied HTTP server, and I would like to deploy it using Apache on another machine.