Where it gets all annoying, though, is preAction and postAction, which 
are like an anemic form of the writeHTML, writeHead, writeTitle, 
writeStyleSheet etc. setup that Page has for normal requests.  Or, where 
you don't want to write anything, but way to treat the action as an 
action (i.e., something that does something, not something that merely 
changes the display) -- there again preAction and postAction get in the way.

I think Ian hit on it.  I like actions when you have basic read a variable - write out the same page with some differnet text.

However when you want to use an action as an action then it all gets in the way.

The current action system is very easy to understand and IMHO a great path to a first webware app.  Once you gain some higher enlightenment you will use some MVC technique or FormKit or roll your own.

My point as this:  I would like to see action stay in the basic setup as a part of Page, but I would also like to see some more advanced version of page for others to use.

Look at other basic examples for PHP/JSP/ASP and you will see the same type of code:
1)start writing the page
2) If there is a request var print something
3) If there is no request print a form


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