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First of all congratulations to the webware development team for the great work done with Webware: I guess that like me many people were dream of sophisticated python servlet and server page solution, and you did it. Thanks.

I am on my way to discover PSP and work on my first web site with it, but...

Maybe there is a configuration option somewhere to make the server work this way.

Thanks for your help,


Bernard Niset

7Ways development team



My guess is that either this was overlooked or just didn't make it for 0.3. Jay is the lead developer on PSP and I'm sure he'll respond.

I have a similar problem with my website but it's worse because I have several abstract classes and non-interface classes that change. Consequently, I created a new adapter called OneShot.cgi that I use only for development. It loads everything, serves the page and quits. For my development, the speed is just fine.

Of course, this will break down when session data becomes more important to my site, but then I'll probably kick in with a solution for that as well.

You can get OneShot.cgi (and from the current CVS repository which you'll find at:

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