I used to think it caches too much also, but then I changed my programming style a bit.
Rather then build the modules inside webware try to build as much as possible outside of Webware.  Once its all tested and working then just have a servlet issue a few lines of code that call the module. 


Geoffrey Talvola wrote:
deelan wrote:
hi there,

i'm trying to develop my first web app with python, webware and
cheetah template. i'm positively impressed by the whole system and
i'm not having great issues that bothers my much, until now :(

one thing i find very annoying and time consuming it's
the way webware handles caching, it caches pratically
everything: servlets, servlets super classes, even modules
used by them, and --as you may guess--during development it's
pretty frustraing continuing to restart webware or fiddling with
admin control panel. 

You could reduce the pain by doing what I do -- I put

net stop WebKit
net start WebKit

into a batch file, then put a shortcut to that file onto my taskbar.  So
restarting WebKit only takes a single button click of a button that's always
visible on my screen.

- Geoff

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