Chuck Esterbrook wrote:
On Friday 28 February 2003 11:15 am, wrote:
I took the Webware survey, but when I clicked the button at the end
to see the results, it took me back to the main page.  I clicked the
Results tab but it said I had to have an account.  So I created a
basic account, but there it says there are no surveys on the system. 
So how do I look at the Webware results?

I don't know why it didn't show you the results at the end.

I can see them at any time because I have an account and it contains the 
survey. After more results are collected, I'll publish them somewhere 
directly (meaning I'll copy the web page).

I went through the same steps and had the same results.  There was a link (not a button) at the end to see the results.  But it does the results in a pop-up so if your browser has popups disabled you don't get anything.  Pressing the button just takes you back to the home page.

Kind of a weakness in their site design, if you are logged in and you go to the main page, you only get your own stuff, and can't get to any of the other surveys.  You must logout before you have the option of selecting a survey.