Tripp Lilley wrote:
On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Chuck Esterbrook wrote:


That's a good point, but my advice is to not wait for any surveys or
other events to pull together particular efforts. If you have an
interest, and especially the code to go with it, feel free to start

I'm going to put words into Matt's mouth, or at least give you my reading
of what he said :) I think there are plenty of people out there who have
code to do various bits, but don't feel it's "release quality", and
therefore put off doing anything with it outside of their project.

For instance, I don't see any releases from me, you, or Geoff concerning
Object{Renderer,Viewer,Editor} and whatever alternative to that you rolled
for StockAlerts :)

Putting that question on the survey, and using the survey responses as a
catalyst and / or guide for the sprints, I think we might dig up a bunch
of useful code that just needs an hour or three of polish to be releasable
enough to get people started thinking about it, using it, tweaking it,
If there are several people out there with partial solutions that are not really polished for release, maybe we need a repository for such solutions.  Some place that was admittedly weak on documentation, but that people could post their solutions. They could certainly be educational for some people, and might spur someone else on to help add the requisite polish to make it ready for release?

What about a loosely structured "contrib" directory in CVS?  The down side to that would be it would be difficult to manage and cleanup after a while.  Perhaps just a section on the Wiki?  What other forums might work for such a thing?