Matt Feifarek wrote:
Mike Warren wrote:
I'm trying to replicate a progress-bar like feature for
http-uploaded files. Any clues on how this might work?

Really, that's a client problem. Doesn't Mozilla have progress bars
for uploads now?
No, moz doesn't have that.  None of the browsers I've seen on any platform do have that.
Actually, now that I look more closely, the tiny stripe at the bottom of the moz window does indeed advance as the request is sent. I don't know how accurate it is, or anything like that, but it does chunk along. It doesn't appear to move smoothly in small increments, which makes me suspicious, but hey, it's moving.

Other clients don't have this sort of thing, so the discovery is largely moot, but I thought I'd correct myself.

Does anyone have any cool ideas on how to get the status of the upload out of the AppServer?