Webware for Python 0.8 beta 2 is now available!  Please try it out and 
 report any problems.

 Response was very positive on the beta 1 release, this release includes a handful of fixes, and updated documentation changes.  Key points are mentioned below.

 - The Page.writeDocType() behavior has reverted to the 0.7 behavior of writing 4.01 transitional.
 - PSP escapes have been fixed so javascript with \escapes gets passed through correctly.
 - The Apache2 mod_webkit2 has been updated.
 - Updated documentation, installguide, userguide and others thanks to Ian.
 - Release notes now mention the AutoReload feature.

 You can view the release notes here:
 You can download the release here:
 Please provide any feedback here on the discuss list.
 Again, please try it out, and enjoy!
 -Stuart Donaldson-