Geoffrey Talvola wrote:
Stuart Donaldson []  wrote: 

If bundling isn't the right answer currently, then there should
be a link off of the Webware HomePage to additional kits 
for use with Webware.  Has anyone got a good list we can 
use?  Short of that, I could see pulling several items from 
Ian's page: 
which lists the packages he mentioned here.
There's already a list at
but it probably needs to be brought up to date.

- Geoff

Yup, so there is.  I did a grep for some of the kits that Ian mentioned and didn't find them.

Perhaps the ThirdParty list could also be listed a little more prominently, as it can also be thought of a feature list for things you can do with Webware.

By better supporting / integrating / promoting additional kits, it becomes clearer to someone looking at Webware that you have a lot of functionality and applications already available.

Issues of integrating other packages somehow are beyond the scope of this release, but it is good to discuss the idea for possible incorporation at some time in the future.