Ian Bicking wrote:
Also, this may have been discussed before I started paying attention, 
but should we consider rolling FFK into Webware?  It looks like it 
depends on Webware, and it seems like most of the discussion regarding 
FFK takes place in the Webware-discuss list.  Also, I wonder if it 
wouldn't add more to Webware as a package if it was delivered with added 
functionality such as FFK.  

I don't know, perhaps -- right now FFK isn't released in sync with
Webware.  If I was confident that the interface would remain the same
over time I'd be more inclined to include it.

There's also DAVKit and EmailKit -- neither of which necessarily has to
be an actual separate kit, that's just how I distributed them.  EmailKit
is basically just a single adapter, while DAVKit is analogous to XMLRPC

There might also be other kits by people that I'm forgetting.  I know
there's a FormKit.  I can't remember anything else at the moment,
Synchronization definately can be an issue, but from an end-users perspective, it would be really nice to have a single package to download and install to get the functionality of FFK (and other kits.)  Perhaps it is something to consider when the kit seems to stabilize.  The other kits would definately get more usage if they were bundled.

If bundling isn't the right answer currently, then there should be a link off of the Webware HomePage to additional kits for use with Webware.  Has anyone got a good list we can use?  Short of that, I could see pulling several items from Ian's page: http://www.colorstudy.com/software/webware/ which lists the packages he mentioned here.

Maybe if we had a "contrib" directory in a Webware release that included these other kits?   We wouldn't need to maintain the kits in Webware's CVS, but just include updated copies in a release.