It is my understanding that this turned out to be a configuration problem with the Pool not being enabled.  Hence Luke's recommended patch to enable the pool by default.


Luke Holden (by way of Luke Holden) wrote:
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On Friday 17 January 2003 03:29 pm, Stuart Donaldson wrote:
For example, Ian was going to do a review on the
serverSideInfoForRequestNewAlgorithm code, and had also been doing some
documentation.  Is there anything you want to try and get in before I
cut the 0.8 beta branch?  Geoff?  Chuck?  Anybody else?

This means that it is important that if you want any thing to go into
the 0.8 release, that it be dealt with before we cut the branch.
 Otherwise it is likely to get deferred to the next release.

The only real remaining show stopper for me, is that there appears to be a
 bug with MiddleKit where I keep running out of DB connections.

  File "/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/MySQLdb/", line 115,
 in __init__
    self._make_connection(args, kwargs2)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/MySQLdb/", line 41, in
    apply(super(ConnectionBase, self).__init__, args, kwargs)
OperationalError: (1040, 'Too many connections')

It appears I am not the only one bitten by this too. Thomas Jenkins sent me
 an email earlier saying that he has been having this problem too. His
 solution was to have MiddleKit close every connection after it was used...

I have not really looked into WHY this is happening. But I have a feeling it
has something to do with how MiddleKit uses DBPool. (Maybe the connections
are just not being recycled)

This is not something you would notice while caching is turned off... because
WebKit will restart fairly often... which of course drops the open
connections. However, when caching turned on.... WebKit does not restart and
eventually.... well you get the idea

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