How'd yout meeting go?

I've put the Can stuff back in my local copy, but haven't committed it to CVS.  Would you prefer that I not put it on CVS?

Let me make a brief argument in it's favor.  That being that it is such a simple mechanism and does not affect any current functionality.  It can't hurt to have it there and get some feedback on it.

Have you had a chance to do any middlekit work?  I think you'll like the Can thing as soon as you have a working MiddleKit object, because it'll make it very easy for you to use it.


Jay Love wrote:
> Did we forget to pay the bill?
> All my mails to the list are bouncing with user unknown.
> Jay

Yeah, I got the same thing. I didn't see any support requests on sourceforge for this (like I did when I had the download counter problem).

I filled out a report.