hi john,
can i have a simple CRUD code example to see how it looks like ?
kind regards

On 12/5/06, John Dickinson <jdickinson@texaslife.com> wrote:
I would recommend that you separate out you different layers in a
slightly different fashion than what you described. In the past, I have
had success with the following separation. The model layer is
stand-alone python modules (no webware code). The view layer is the HTML
templates/CSS that is rendered to the client. The controller is the
webware servlets (and primarily the actions on the page--those functions
returned in actions() ).

If you would like more info on how I've done this, feel free to ask.


makerjoe@gmail.com wrote:
> Hi chris,
> Many thanks for your tip
> Anyway what im looking for is the best way to use webware on a MVC
> environment

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