it seems my problem is unsolvable:)
I would be grateful for any help.
That's what I have done:
* ran install.py file;
* as I understand, I can choose whether to use as adapter wkcgi.exe or mod_webkit.dll (I use Apache2 so I go to mod_webkit_2 directory).
well, I tried both of them: 1) copied wkcgi.exe file to Apache cgi-bin folder; 2) I copied mod_webkit.dll to Apache cgi-bin directory and, could You tell me if I'm right: after this in Apache/conf httpd.conf file I add "LoadModule webkit_module modules/mod_webkit.dll;"
and " <Location /WK>
 WKServer localhost 8086
 SetHandler webkit-handler
      </Location> "

then I run AppServer.bat
when I write http://localhost/cgi-bin/wkcgi.exe I see this page. When I change something in Examples files, after refreshing I see the changes, sio everything seems to be ok.Because I did everything what wac written in WebKit Install Guide.

So now I could develope my application. I am new at it so firstly,I found the one which I try:

"from WebKit.Servlet import Servlet
 class Hello(Servlet):
   def respond(self, trans):
       trans.response().write('Content-type: text/html\\n\\nHello, world!\\n')" I call this application aplikacija.py

If this application isn't good, could You write how should look a simple application of "Hello world".

I create my working directory with MakeAppWorkDir in C:/we named aplikacija, so I got C:/we/aplikacija.
The question: do I have add this context to Contexts dictionary of Application.config. I don't understand if I need to and if so, what address I should write: in WebKit Install Guide it is written:
"The key is the name of the context as it appears in the URL and the value is the path (absolute or relative to the WebKit directory). Often the name of the context and the name of the directory will be the same:

'DayTrader': '/All/Web/Apps/DayTrader',

The URL to access DayTrader would then be something like: http://localhost/WebKit.cgi/DayTrader/"
Why it is written: "absolute or relative to the WebKit directory" but in example is other address. As I see the path should be of working directory, I write "C:/we/aplikacija". Am I correct? (I have doubts).
and in a browser I write "http://localhost/WebKit.cgi/aplikacija/" but the file is not found.
I guess I should run AppServer.bat of my working directory. So which should I run AppServer of WebKit or of my working directory? Or both of them?
The other question- do I have to copy any file from my created working directory to Apache or not?
Maybe I should do something with file launch.py, but when I run it, a window opens and closes itself.
The last question, does the application should be compiled if I want to run it in a browser? And if so, how should it be done? I write python aplikacija.py in Python command line but there are syntax errors.
I hope You won't get tired of plenty of my questions:)
thank You very much

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