I would ask you to check where your cart data is stored.  How are you storing it?  Is it inside of a class?  Is it inside the __init__ function?  I once experienced such a thing, the problem was in how/where I declared my data. 
Lincoln Han <dynamicarray@tfb.com> wrote:

I just recently finished developing a commercial web site using
Webware and it is currently in the testing stage. The platform is
Apache + Webware.

One of the strange problem I found recently testing the shopping
cart using different computers from inside and outside the LAN
is that the cart data (which is stored in the session) are shared
among all the computers involved whether the computer is within
the LAN or not. Each computer has an unique session ID.

Let's say I add something from computer A to the Cart, when computer
B visit the web server and add another item, B will see what A added.
Computer C will see both A & B's cart!

I tried reading and searching but couldn't find any relevant information.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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