So I’ve recently been forced to store some information in the session and I used the transaction.session().setValue() call to do so.  I manage the lifecycle of that information, removing it when I don’t need it any longer and putting it in only when I need it.  The code works fine and I’m happy about that.  The bad thing is that if the server goes up and down for any reason I get this error:



Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "WebKit/", line 395, in dispatchRequest
  File "WebKit/", line 494, in isSessionIdProblematic
  File "WebKit/", line 222, in session
  File "WebKit/", line 67, in session
  File "WebKit/", line 963, in createSessionForTransaction
  File "WebKit/", line 789, in session
  File "WebKit/", line 72, in __getitem__
  File "WebKit/", line 135, in MovetoMemory
  File "WebKit/", line 55, in __getitem__
KeyError: '20041018134147-bb1e0e08b042e0a050094e719c7b8ab8'
I can fix this by manually clearing the cookies in my browser, but that’s a pain in the butt that I’d like to not foist upon the people using the web architecture to develop page content.  Can anyone shed some light on whats going on here and why?  
My server is set to use dynamic sessions at the moment.



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