Well, I got it seeing my cookies, the search on the discuss is broken as of now, so I can't search further on it.  But my app is still broken.  I still have more questions, when I receive a cookie, how do I check if it is expired?  Does webware help at all? or must my app save that information and validate the expiration of the cookie everytime?  Also where is the best place to handle it, in the awake or respond cycle? 

Peter Lyons <pete@peterlyons.com> wrote:
Uzo Uzo wrote:
> def setMyCookie(self):
> cookie = Cookie('val', 'key')
> t = timestuff()
> cookie.setExpires(t)
> self.response().addCookie(cookie)
> After calling this, if I print self.request()._cookies, I don't see it.
> also self.request().hasCookie('key') returns a 0. Why is that?

You're adding the cookie to the response, but looking for it in the
request. Try looking for it in self.response().cookies(). Maybe it's a
simple request/response slip-up?


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