Hi all,
I'm very new with Webware and this is my first message here...
At this moment my installation is as follows:
Webware 0.9b1
Apache 2.0.54 + mod_ssl
Both are communicating each one through mod_webkit and everything seems to work fine. I can browse the contexts with any hassle (i.e http://localhost:8080/Examples/) when not using https...
My question is:
How do I configure Apache and/or Webware to work togheter taking advantage of HTTPS?
Maybe the question is not very explanatory... I mean, I want to do something like that:
For example, I have a HTTPS  user login page, and I want those login details to be accessible in my servlets.
I did it with no hassle using just HTTP, but don't know how to that using HTTPS.
Is it possible? How do I manage it?