When I get an error traceback page (it happens a lot, I make a lot of mistakes), it seems like the HTTP connection doesn't get closed.  The symptoms I see are that the traceback page loads, down to the end (I think), where the IDs print, but the IE "globe" keeps spinning until I press the Stop button on the browser.

When I request the /Examples/Error servlet via urllib in a Python script, it hangs at the point of retrieving the page. If I press Ctrl-C, there's nothing in the output file.

Any words of advice about what's going on and how I could fix it?  I'm trying to write a cheesy automatic test for a servlet page that will simply look for the presence of the traceback.  What I'm doing as a workaround is assuming that no page will take more than 30 seconds to load (browser and servlet on the same network), and handling an alarm if the timeout is exceeded.

I appreciate any advice or pointers to information you can provide.

Thanks.  By the way, the fancy traceback is a great boon for us--much easier than finding and tailing a logfile.

David Hancock | dhancock@arinc.com | 410-266-4384