I'm experimenting with using pythondirector for load-balancing several WebKit servers, but I get the following error messages in the Apache log:

My setup is as follows:

I've had good success with pythondirector for load-balancing and failover with other TCP servers, so I don't understand what might be happening here.  The pythondirector listens on port 8087, and ships whatever it receives to port 8086 on either of two machines (although even if I "load-balance" with just one backend machine, I get the same error). WebKit is dutifully listening on 8086, and mod_webkit is configured in httpd.conf with 8087 as the WK port.

So the request SHOULD be doing something like:

        Browser -> requests from 80 or 443
        mod_webkit -> marshals request, sends to 8087
        pythondirector -> passes request through to a backend machine, port 8086

But Apache is logging the errors shown above. (The directory /home/adc/adc/wwwroot/ADC is the location /ADC in Apache, where the handler is set to webkit-handler.)

Any ideas or suggestions or other scenarios that raise the "cannot scan servlet headers" error would be appreciated.

In case you're interested or still reading, the reason I want to use a software load balancer is because our Cisco LocalDirectors are not helping us out much.  They are set up to load-balance (and fail over) ports 80 and 443 from the  outside world.  Apache is running nicely on those ports, so the LocalDirectors never detect a problem. But occasionally WebKit gets a wedged thread and stops responding to requests.  Unfortunately, Apache still responds (albeit with a 500 Server Error response), so the LocalDirector thinks that all is still right with the world.

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