The PXDB announce is at the end of the letter.
PXDB is many ways similar to MiddleKit ...
My long-term idea was to get some kind of a
language-neutral (through XML-RPC)
'XML' repository. 
I like WebWare a lot, so I think that PXDB
would always be based on Webware and
I also think that XML-RPC access + PSP-based
Admin GUI looks like a natural fit for Webware
architecture? Am I right?
Should I wrap it in a plugin? In fact, it *is*
a Webware plugin already, very similar to 
MiddleKit,  but there is no documentation,
no security, some things can be improved 
e t.c.
Well, maybe it does not deserve to be in a core
( in it's current shape it definitely does not
deserve to be in a core ), but maybe it could be
listed at : ?
What do you think? Just wanted to get a feedback.
The url's below point to the online demo, direct URL
to online demo is:

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Subject: ANN: PXDB v 0.1 Alpha.

PXDB is a simple application, written in Python. It takes XML files ( Chunks ) and places them into (any) SQL database. There are also APIs for querying / altering / deleting / ordering / linking e t.c. PXDB is like a middle ground between SQL database and XML repository. One can view
PXDB as a strange object database on top of SQL storage, with some elements of XML (CPath).
1.Download from:
2.Online Demo and Description :
It is in alpha. Or maybe pre-alpha. The purpose is to collect feedback. 
No installation instructions yet. But it works, actually.
The implementation is just two short Python files
( (13K) and  (21K) ) so the lack
of documentation should not be a problem for
more-or-less experienced Python developer.
PS. also contains updated version of Perl Chunks,
because I first implemented Chunks in Perl -  switching
to Python was unexpected.
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