Trying to port some older WebKit code from one server to another and running into a frustrating issue.  Hoping someone can give me some ideas.  As far as I could see, the old code (legacy code that I have inherited) seems to only take advantage of the psp option of WebKit.  The only big difference in setup is the old one was one Webware 0.8.1, with Apache while the new server is running Apache2 and Webware 0.9.1.  I mimicked the setup of the old server, which was the code residing in:
/var/www/html/Something/Base (all psp files here).  Then there is a sym-link /var/www/html/CompanyName which points to the previous base directory.  There are also some python files found at /var/www/html/Something/Lib.  I again followed the setup on the previous server and added that path to the PYTHONPATH in the webkit startup script.
In /var/www/html there is an index.html file which points to various psp files in /var/www/html/CompanyName.
Apache is basically just setup as follows:
LoadModule webkit_module modules/mod_webkit.so
# Webware WebKit
AddType text/psp .psp
AddHandler psp-handler .psp
I've also tried add and removing the following:
<Location /WK>
    WKServer 8086
    SetHandler webkit-handler
Action py-serverpages /WK/
AddType py-serverpages .py
Now, application server and apache start fine.  Index file is served up fine.  Going to any of the psp links gives a 404 and the odd thing is the URL is shows it is trying to access is /CompanyName/login.psp/var/www/html/CompanyName/login.psp
Although in the webkit logs it shows "cannot find /CompanyName/login.psp/"
What am I missing?  Again, any help appreciated and I apologize in advance if this is blatently obvious.