We are encountering a strange prolem with Python and/or Webware running on RedHat Linux.


Whenever the Webware AppServer is started, it services the first PSP request correctly.
But all subsequent requests fail when Python is unable to import one or more classes.
Kill and restart the AppServer, the pattern repeats. The installation is:


Python 2.2.2

Webware 0.8.1


The AppServer script causes 10 “python Launch.py ThreadedAppServer” processes to be created
on startup. Is this correct? Might this be the source of the problem?


This same Pyhton/Webware combination, PSP code, and supporting Python code run without error
on a Wintel box running Windows XP.


Does this sound like a Webware problem? A python environment problem? Any clues would be



Thanks in advance,

Tom Dennehy

Bloomfield Hills MI