#74 multiple index file bug

PSP (7)
Samuel Smith

I have mod_webkit version 0.8.1 installed on Mac OS X Server
10.3.5 with Apache (not apache 2)

For one of my virtual hosts in its VirtualHost block I have the
following block
<IfModule mod_webkit.c>
AddType text/psp .psp
AddHandler psp-handler .psp
<Location /WK>
WKServer localhost 8086
SetHandler webkit-handler

If I type in a complete URL path to a file ending in .psp it displays
correctly so I believe the mod_webkit
basically works. I also have the Webkit.cgi installed in /cgi-bin/
and can view the admin pages for webkit

On the virtual host in question, the default page is a .psp page
named index.psp

It is located in the DocumentRoot for the virtual host site

I have the apache directive DirectoryIndex in my virtual host block
with index.psp first.

DirectoryIndex "index.psp" "index.html" "index.php"

According to the apache docs the list is searched in order. The first
document found is the one displayed.
Both index.psp and index.html exit but not index.php

But whenever I enter in a web browser the url

I get an error
404 Error

Page Not Available On This Server

The page you requested, /, was not found on this server.
Webware Webkit Application Server

if instead I enter

then the page displays correctly.
If I change the DirectoryIndex so that index.html comes before
index.psp then the index.html page displays correctly.

I looks like from the error that it is trying to get a file "/".

I checked the AppServer console and it prints out the following

331 2004-09-24 13:25:40 /
WARNING: the directory is /Library/WebServer/Documents/
adeptsystemsinc/ which contains more than 1 directory file: ['/
Library/WebServer/Documents/adeptsystemsinc/index.html', '/
331 0.00 secs /

If I then remove index.html so that only index.psp remains in the
directory, then the index.psp page displays correctly when I enter
http://myvirtualhost/ and I get no error.

This seems to be a bug in mod_webkit.
It shouldn't be an error for there to be more than one default
directory index file. It should respect the apache DirectoryIndex

Since it only occurs if it is already processing index.psp and not if
index.html comes first. It seems senseless to even have this error?

Interestingly enough, when I changed the name of the .psp file I
was using to test to index.psp.test and then copied back another
index.psp file
I got the following

345 2004-09-24 13:46:57 /
WARNING: the directory is /Library/WebServer/Documents/
adeptsystemsinc/ which contains more than 1 directory file: ['/
Library/WebServer/Documents/adeptsystemsinc/index.psp', '/
345 0.00 secs

but did not get this error even though there is both and index.psp
and index.psp.bak in the same directory.

So there may be a bug in how the directory is being parsed for file
names by mod_webkit!



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    This has been fixed in the SVN trunk and will work in
    Webware 0.9.2.