#65 MiddleKit support for PostgreSQL attached

MiddleKit (4)
Benno Rice

The attached files implement PostgreSQL support for
MiddleKit. There are several issues however:

- PostgreSQL requires that transactions be committed.
I would suggest adding a pre-transaction and
post-transaction method to the SQLObejctServer class
that can be overridden to add transaction support. I
would envisage transactions covering the entirety of a
store.saveChanges() call.
- PostgreSQL (and other databases) do not support
acquiring the primary key of the last inserted row as a
contextless after-the-fact operation a la MySQL. To
work around this I've had to override the _insertObject
method of SQLObjectStore so as to avoid using the
retrieveLastInsertId method. To fix this in the least
intrusive way possible would require passing the
object.sqlTableName() and object.sqlIdName() to

These files have not been heavily tested.


  • Benno Rice

    Benno Rice - 2004-03-08

    Support for PostgreSQL in MiddleKit.

  • Jason Hildebrand

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Jason Hildebrand

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for your patch and interest in MiddleKit. I didn't
    end up using your code, because I already had a partial
    implementation for this myself. A couple of weeks ago I
    worked at ensuring full test-suite coverage, and have now
    committed full PostgreSQL support for MiddleKit into CVS.


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