Scientific Calculator 1.2.8 Released

Why was this calculator created?
This calculator was created to have easy integration into web applications. There are many advanced
javascript/web interface calculators on the web. This calculator was programmed to be totally
standards compliant unless a specific browser is being used (Internet Explorer to be exact). Not only
is it W3C and MSDN (for IE) standards compliant, but the code itself has a consistent format. All
javascript is tabbed the same way, all CSS is tabbed the same way, and all of the HTML is tabbed the
same way. What this calculator aims to do is to work in every condition, be standards compliant, and
when the code is searched through it is very easy to read. Not only that but it is heavily commented
to explain the different functions and features from within. The calculator should work on all
JavaScript enabled, CSS 2.0 compatible web browsers.

Whats new in 1.2.8? (02/17/2008)
HTML/CSS Changes:
1. Removed the trademark symbol from "Scientific Calculator" because it is not a legally
registered trademark.
2. Removed my name from the title of the calculator page because I thought it was unnecessary. It
was there from when I first programmed it back in 2005 and I just simply never payed attention
to it. For production use it doesn't need to be there.

Javascript Changes (core functionality of the calculator):
1. Programmed new key functionality so the calc is now fully compatible with Safari and Opera
as well as Firefox, IE, Mozilla, and Netscape. Hot keys work in all of those browsers. Any
unsupported browsers including but not limited to Konqueror probably don't have proper key
functionality with the calculator. Functionality for Konqueror will be coming soon.
2. The pow( function is no longer seen by the user. Now the user can literally type 2^3 and the
answer will be 8! No need to deal with the confusion of typing pow(2,3).
3. The x^y button now inserts the '^' character instead of "pow("
4. Pressing the carrot key insterts a '^' symbol into the calculator display.

Documentation changes:
1. Updated documentation to take note of the JavaScript changes.
2. Minor revisions and spelling corrections.
3. Made a pretty new logo for the Calculator documentation.
4. Added a contributor page under About Author folder to recognise some of those who have
directly helped me with either development, testing, or conceptual design (ideas).
5. Reindexed the search to reflect changes.

Posted by Sam Gleske 2008-02-17

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