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Updated Website + Planning for new version

I've added a screenshot gallery to the webspotblogging site, which was filled with as many screenshots that I could think of.

Also, I've been thinking the past few days about what to include in the next version. I was thinking about a bit of AJAX and a few fixes for the look. That'll bring it to 3.1.

There'll be more features in version 4. But I expect that's a long way off!

Posted by Andrew Gee 2006-03-02

3.01 update

I've just found WebspotBlogging listed on one of those security sites. So I've quickly made up a patch to fix the vunrebility. If you have version 3.00 download the new login.php file and overwrite your current one. If you're still using version 2 or below just download the zip file for 3.01

Posted by Andrew Gee 2006-01-21

WebspotBlogging v3 out!!!

After a lot of time sitting in front of my computer and setting my status to "Apear Offline" on msn messenger, I've managed to finish webspotblogging v3 and release it. If you find and bugs or have any problems just use the tracker system here. I don't know how it works though

Posted by Andrew Gee 2006-01-16

New UI for version 3

We are working away at the moment and we have completed work on the new UI. You can see the new UI in the screenshots section.

I've also managed to add the comment system and user registration, etc.

Posted by Andrew Gee 2006-01-04

Webspot Blogging

Yay! WebspotBlogging has been approved to sf! Now we're here we will be working on version 3. New in this version will be a new look UI, comments, newsletter system, and better security.

Stay tuned

Posted by Andrew Gee 2006-01-03