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final version of wsProject

This is the final version of wsProject.
It is now php5 compatible and prepared for xoops 2.2.x.
Some minor improvements had been contributed, too. Thanks

- fixed php5 problems
- added sorting of usernames
- added better sorting in mytasks
- fixed for ghost projects
- fixed block install problems in xoops 2.2.x

Posted by Stefan Marr 2005-09-06

wsProject v.0.7.10

New release of wsProject:

- add traditional chinese translation (by xoobs)
- fixed some language problems (english, french)
- fixed a typo in sql -file
- fixed problem with ticks
- added a mytasks block
v.0.7.2 fixed bug in addTasks
v.0.7.1 fixed bug in Admin menu

Posted by Stefan Marr 2003-11-01

Another bugfix release

Fixed some problems with language constants

Posted by Stefan Marr 2003-10-13

wsProject v.0.6.5

Next version is out.
New Features:
- siteblock with project status
- mainblock with full overview of all public tasks
- added comments and notification

v.0.6.5 - added comments and notification
- disabled error_report(E_ALL)
v.0.6.0 - fixed some error's occuring after fresh install

Posted by Stefan Marr 2003-08-15

Fixed a lot of Bugs and added english translation

I've added the english translation and fixed a lot of bugs.

A lot of features are now added to complete the functionallity like IPM it has.

Posted by Stefan Marr 2003-08-01

WebSlave Project

It's a clone of Incyte Project Manager ( integratet into Xoops as a module.

It's the first release and causes a name change of WebSlave.
WebSlave the WebLog/CMS will now be known as WebSlave Mini.

Posted by Stefan Marr 2003-07-31

Documentation and Themes/Options

I'll add the neccessary comments for dev's to the code and publish a doxygen doc. I had also restructured some parts of the main admin.php.

Furthermore, I'll create a modul to configure alot without hack in the code and add theme support by theme archives.

Posted by Stefan Marr 2003-05-13

Add a filemanager module

I've added a filemanager modul to WebSlave. Now you can handle you files explorer-like.

Posted by Stefan Marr 2003-04-29

new update

Now the first update is out.
I've include some new features like a download section.
The template system works now with one main template. I think this make changes much easier.
I hope you'll like WebSlave.

Posted by Stefan Marr 2002-11-09

First public WebSlave release

This is an .5 release. This means there is much to do but there is also done a lot of work right now.
I know it's only a german interface, please excuse this.

Posted by Stefan Marr 2002-10-17

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