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pwSNMP Object Code

The following code is chaged to allow application to use a COM object in almost any web, desktop, and networking application written. This source is for educational purposes only, to further your SNMP protocol education.

Posted by Randol Tigrett 2004-01-23

pwManager Bug Fix - Eihab

pwManager - SNMP TRAP Application gets new code fixing a numeric bug when the number is evaluated as an integer and displays a negative value because of the size of the number. The fix replaces VAL with CDBL, fixing the numeric display.

Posted by Randol Tigrett 2002-07-10

Bug Fix

Fix to run-time error 126 at the first execution of pwSocket.SendData

Posted by Randol Tigrett 2002-07-03

Add new Source Files

Cleaned up the code, added some comments, added a fix to hex digits less then 1 digit in length.

Posted by Randol Tigrett 2002-06-02

Fixed IP Address Display

Fixed IP address display and added some debug information to the form.

Posted by Randol Tigrett 2002-06-01

pwSNMP - new release

Allows for numbers greater then 255 in the SNMP GET request.

Posted by Randol Tigrett 2002-03-25

Nifty SNMP Trap Decoder

Use pwManager to decode Trap information from SNMP Agents from multiple hosts.... Viet

Posted by Randol Tigrett 2002-01-04


Initial release of some very simple software to write binary data to a file, so that a hex editor can be used to determine the incoming trap information.

Posted by Randol Tigrett 2002-01-02

pwSNMP - new release

New relaese allows for starting a SNMP MIB walk at MIB2, Enterprise or SNMP Module....

Posted by Randol Tigrett 2002-01-01

Release of Software released 12/28

This version of code allows both the get and get-next SNMP commands on the Visual basic form.

Posted by Randol Tigrett 2001-12-30

Web Developer Wanted

Need an able person to develop a web site based on information from the project administrators, if interested then let any of the pwSNMP administrators know by e-mail.


Posted by Randol Tigrett 2001-12-30

New Release of Software

This code written in Visual Basic uses no window APIs and creates/gets the OID from SNMP UDP Data Packets. Must have the visual basic 6.0 runtime library before this will work.

Posted by Randol Tigrett 2001-12-27

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