jcDuss59 - 2007-07-30

Hy all,

I try to user Websieve 0.63a on a Freebsd 6.2.
I can login as cyrus admin.
In My imapd.conf i change the Unixhierarchysep to be able to manage with "." adress mail and login account.
# Use the UNIX separator character '/' for delimiting levels of
# mailbox hierarchy.  The default is to use the netnews separator
# character '.'.
unixhierarchysep: yes

In Websieve.conf I change this value to

and also to

But each time I try to create a mailbox from websieve interface, it creates account with user.XXX ....  and not user/XXX

For examples, I try to create toto6 (I have already test.toto4 working) and I do a lm in cyradm :
user.toto6 (\HasNoChildren)
user.toto6.Trash (\HasNoChildren)
user/test.toto4 (\HasChildren)

Can you help me please?