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WebSchool2 is a completly reworked version of WebSchool (Which was never completed). It will attempt to make up where WebSchool failed in useability, modularity and extensibiity. As it is completely being reworked a new module in the cvs Repo has been made for it. The first commit will not come for awhile because I want to get most of the basic structure done, basically the core, before having anyone give assistance. I will be contacting the other devs over the next few days to see if they wish to continue with the project. ... read more

Posted by Matt Mix 2005-04-22

WebSchool Development Back On Track!

After a long slumber, and with the addition of some new blood, WebSchool development has begun again! End Users should be looking forward to a nearly complete version of WebSchool, WebSchool version 0.0.7, by the end of this month!

Posted by Jason Sexauer 2005-01-17

Webschool 0.0.6 "Released"

We've met the criteria put in place by the roadmap to call the piece of code in our repo. version 0.0.6, however, all of us are too lazy to go through a file release. I promise that we'll release version 0.0.7. Promise!

Posted by Jason Sexauer 2005-01-16

0.0.6 Alpha 2 Released

Webschool is proud to present 0.0.6 Alpha 2, one of the first versions that actually has signs of a production environment. No changelog was kept and I had some problems with my diff tool, so no list of new features/bug fixes can be given. The last release was almost a month ago, so I imagine a lot has happened.

It is still not suitable for a prouduction environment, but everything has been standardized, so it should be easy for you to start getting an idea of how things will work when we hit 1.0.0.... read more

Posted by Matt Mix 2004-11-20

We are still here!

Despite the fact that we have not released any versions of webschool, active development is still going on. I have added a large sum of new developers, and we are doing our best to get this project working.

Look for the new features!

Posted by Matt Mix 2004-10-19


WebSchool is having multiple setbacks. I am currently training 3-7 people in PHP and MySQL who have expressed great interest in helping me in this project. I have also started learning how to do video editing (special effects). This consumes much of my time. I plan to have Beta 1 out by the beginning of october.

Posted by Matt Mix 2004-09-20

Beta 1, finally coming!

Webschool is proud to announce the coming of beta 1. This is not beta in the traditional sense, as we will continue to add many features through these beta stages. It is being marked beta as it is nearly production server ready. This release, hopefully by Sept. 15 includes:
*Fixed installer
*Templated administrative mods
*Database reorginization
*NEW LICENSE: Now licensed under the GPL
*Fixed bugs in news/articles amods
*New index layout
*small bug fixes and improvements

Posted by Matt Mix 2004-09-09

A damper on webschool

Development has come to a standstill as I brief new developers. I need to throw some planning and code docs for them. Beta 1, with the sports mod/aMod and the class aMod is expected shortly. After that it should be somewhat downhill to Final Release 1.0

Posted by Matt Mix 2004-08-30

BaseCode-Alpha3 Development Looking good.

Many new features are planned for alpha3. The completion of the news section is expected to be upgraded from Alpha to Beta. The index page has grown. The SOTM (Student of the month) is expected to be Post-Alpha by the release. A header and footer has been created. Also, Standarization has begun. We plan to have a standard layout for modules and Amods by Alpha4.

Also, we are STILL looking for more developer(s) to join our project. Anything that you can contribute will be GREATLY apreciated!

Posted by Matt Mix 2004-08-11

BaseCode-Alpha2 Released

BaseCode-Alpha2 has been released. This is a major improvement over Alpha1. There are still a lot of changes going on so I am not keeping a changelog

Posted by Matt Mix 2004-08-07

BaseCode-Alpha 2 Release Emminent

BaseCode-Alpha 2 will be released soon. I have lost internet for about a week, and another week still to go... I am on a public access computer so not much development is going on right now. I plan to rough out some edges and release Alpha 2. Alpha 2 fixes a security bug and many errors. Also sees the completion of the news mod and database has migrated to ADODB.

Posted by Matt Mix 2004-08-05

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