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phpWebNotes 2.0.0pr1 Released

phpWebNotes is a page annotation system modelled after Its primary target is online help/doc/how-to pages. These web docs most often benefit from having user added footnotes. See live demo @

This is a pre-release of phpWebNotes 2.0.0 and hence the name 2.0.0pr1. The aim of this release is to get feedback on the product as early as possible so that this feedback may be incorporated in 2.0.0 release. It is very important to put your feedback in our bug tracker ( ... read more

Posted by Victor Boctor 2002-10-06

Live Demo for phpWebNotes 2.0.0

Although phpWebNotes 2.0.0 is still under development, a live demo is now available that demonstrates how viewers, contributors, and moderators use it.

Please provide your feedback in our bugtracker:

Posted by Victor Boctor 2002-09-26

phpWebnotes 2.0.0 under development

phpWebnotes is back to life and things are happening again. The new version is almost a re-write with a lot of new features like:

- Themes (with like theme)
- XHTML Compliance
- Better access control
- Better moderation for notes
- Fancier and more friendly/efficient user interface.
- Compression for faster download speeds.
- LDAP support
- ... and many more.

A demo of 2.0.0 beta will be online soon. Till then please feel free to provide your feature requests and ideas on bug tracker.... read more

Posted by Victor Boctor 2002-09-07

Next release

I thought I would let you know some things that will be in the next release.

I've decided that the current manage notes page is a horrible interface choice and will be switching to a more hotmail like look. ie: more condensed with links to full blown editing, checkboxes to select messages that should be deleted, etc.

Email support so that administrators can be notified when a notes is added. Optionally a cronjob script that can be run once every X days to email the number of queued messages (probably a more convenient way).... read more

Posted by Kenzaburo Ito 2001-03-20

French Translation

Dat-Son Nguyen has contributed a French translation. You can download it here:

As with the italian translation you just need to edit the $g_language variable in config_inc.php to be "french".

Posted by Kenzaburo Ito 2001-03-20

Italian Translation

I can see that my work on my other project (Mantis) seems to have followed me around. Luca Pecatore has contributed an Italian translation of phpWebNotes. You can download it here:

After you download it just open up config_inc.php and find the value "english" and change it to "italian". Many thanks to Luca!

Posted by Kenzaburo Ito 2001-03-18

phpWebNotes 1.0.0 released

I've rewritten a good portion of it and have worked the code a lot better. It should be simpler to use. Please report any feedback to the forums.

Posted by Kenzaburo Ito 2001-03-17

Another release soon

There will be a 1.0.0 release sometime this week. The code has been reworked and redone. It has been made more friendly for administration.

Posted by Kenzaburo Ito 2001-03-15

phpWebNotes 0.9.0 released

The initial release is available. However, it should only be checked out by those who are able to tweak and fiddle with php and mysql proficiently. It is very rough and I consider it alpha quality. A more polished release will follow when available.

Posted by Kenzaburo Ito 2001-01-01

Alpha release soon

I will be releasing a alpha release soon. This is more to get the first step of actually releasing something out of the way. It is currently functional but far from ready to be used in a real life environment.

The package should be released this weekend.

Posted by Kenzaburo Ito 2000-12-31

Open for business

Welcome to the site. I should have a (beta) release this weekend.

Posted by Kenzaburo Ito 2000-11-27

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