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New release: WebMplayer v0.8.1beta

And another release of WebMplayer.
WebMplayer v0.8.1 fixes some bugs. The most important change is the way the genre-optionlist is
generated. The loadtime of the adminpage with about a hundred or more files to display was could better
be expressed in *minutes* rather than microseconds. This irritating fact is reduced to seconds by
replacing the while-loops with a preset variable with all genres and the choosen genre as selected at
the top of the list.
A few typo's in the code are removed and the code has been
revised on more correct use of forms and tables.
In fact, it means that I removed the tables in playlist.php and made some adjustments in admin.php to
correctly use forms.
As a result, the mark-up is validated by the W3C-validationpage as valid HTML4.01 Transitional. For what
it's worth, I probably still don't use the different elements properly... But it works.
More and more mark-up will be put in the stylesheet-document. I'll check the code for unnecessary or
omitted markup in the documents. But that'll be a job for the next release.... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2007-08-03

One year WebMplayer!

One year ago I opened this projectsite for WebMplayer. Since the first day I've released several version and I will shortly release v0.8.1.
Just a short overview of what happened last year:
- The project started with a very rough version of WebMplayer, but in a short period new version were put online.
- Especially in the first period, WebMplayer was downloaded quite a lot (regarding of what you can expect of such a project) resulting in over 5000 downloads in one year (approximately 14 downloads a day).
- A lot of work has been done to the 'inside' (i.e. coding) rather than the 'outside' (i.e. the skin), until the BlackCopper skin.
- Before v0.6.1 WebMplayer became negatively known because of security-issues. Although I always said that WebMplayer is meant for home-use only, a possible thread was reported... Nevertheless, these issues are solved.
- A main feature is to be implemented for a long time, but I still have to wait for a new version of getID3.
- WebMplayer remained an easy to use and no-nonsense webbased frontend to Mplayer.... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2007-07-14

New Release: WebMplayer v0.8beta

One of the goals of WebMplayer is to make it easy to generate playlists. But why don't save them so you
don't have to select the same songs again and again? WebMplayer 0.8beta offers an easy feature to save
an entire playlist.
Well, that's the main change in WebMplayer. And it took more adjustments than I thought...
But nevertheless: it works. And, ofcourse, this list is shown next to the stream-list at the index-page.
Beside this feature a few other things are done.
For example, if you don't prefer WebMplayer to play streams, why would it be necessary to show a message
that there are now streams available? No need for this message anymore.
A few changes are done with the language-files and all other things are mentioned in the changelog.... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2007-06-07

New Release: WebMplayer 0.7.1beta

Well, sometimes I just wonder where WebMplayer can be found on the internet. So I just googled on WebMplayer and was suprised about the amount of (possible) hits.
However, the searchresult were a bit disappointing... Many of the hits were about a vulnerability in v0.5.1, which was (happily) fixed in v0.6.1. Although I never intended Webmplayer for public use (and therefore was a bit lazy on security-issues) I fixed these problems without knowing these bad reports on my tiny sweet little project. Nevertheless, it is not the kind of 'praises' I hoped for. ... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2007-05-12

WebMplayer v0.7beta released: BlackCopper

A new version of WebMplayer is released, partly to celebrate that this little program has been downloaded over 4000 times since its first release, partly because some new features are implemented.
Version 0.7beta main change is a new skin: BlackCopper. Although this change doen't really change the program, I needed some time to make it working. It still isn't really superb, but it works. Next thing is to add an "option"-tab in the admin-panel and change the settings-table. But that's for another time.
Since getID3()b4 is released, the implementation will take a bit longer, because there's still a lot of work to do to ensure that the option to write tags, doesn't have any nasty side-effects. For now, the write-functions are implemented, but do not work correctly yet. I have to wait for the final release of getID3(). The documents are already in this WebMplayer-package.
The adminpage had a little codecleaning and conf.php is edited with adding the skin-settings.
NOTE for those who are upgrading: make sure you copy the newest directories to your WebMplayer-folder.... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2007-03-17

WebMplayer v0.6.1alpha released!

Version 0.6.1alpha has number of bugfixes.
Since getID3()b4 is released, the implementation will take a bit longer, because there's still a lot of work to do
to ensure that the option to write tags, doesn't have any nasty side-effects. Although the code is already prepared to
implement the newest version of getID3(), I just want to take a bit more time for testing.

Posted by Qaranthir 2007-02-16

getID3() 2.0.0-b4 released

On of the projects, which WebMplayer uses, is getID3(). This project has released a beta4 of version 2. The main thing about this release is that it has some options of writing tags!
After some testing, this new version will be integrated in WebMplayer. Along with a few bugfixes, I expect a new release of WebMplayer soon...

Posted by Qaranthir 2007-02-13

WebMplayer v0.6alpha released!

It has been a while since the last release of this small project, but today is just a perfect day for a new release.
With almost 3500 downloads since the first release, WebMplayer seems to answer to the needs of a small group of users, who want to have an easy to use and lightweight mplayer-frontend. It certainly encourages me to continue! Lately, I was really happy with some feedback on this project. And therefore I want to invite every user to contact me with featurerequests or when you find a bug.... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2007-02-04

MPlayer 1.0rc1 released

Almost a month ago, but still interesting news:
On october the 20th, a new version of Mplayer has been released. As far as I know, there are no problems with WebMplayer in combination with the latest Mplayer.
A lot of work has been done by the Mplayer-team:

German documentation translation finished
Russian documentation translation synced and almost finished

IVTV hardware MPEG audio/video decoder output
ALSA audio output: AC3 passthrough now works even when the device name of the digital output port has been set by the user
bicubic OpenGL scaling works with ATI cards
md5sum switched to the libavutil MD5 implementation
support for libcaca 1.0 via compatibility layer ... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-11-14

On what system do you use WebMplayer?

Yes, I am a bit curious about your system, but no, it's not because I just want to know it for fun.
For further development, I'd like to have more information about all the system WebMplayer is currently running on. Hopefully you haven't found any trouble with using WebMplayer, but if so, let me know.

Please, leave a note on the Forum with some information with your configuration on which you use WebMplayer. A layout for a message is provided. Read it carefully and help me via the messages to make WebMplayer a greater project.

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-11-01

WebMplayer v0.5.1alpha released!

Well, getID3 hasn't released a new version, but that won't stop me from further development of WebMplayer. So here's v0.5.1alpha!
Just some improvements on some functions and just enough to justify a new release.

A few options and modifications are made:
- When cleaning the database, it's possible to clean all dead entry's with just one buttonclick.
- With the playlist it's now possible to select all files at once.
- Some more comments in conf.php.
- Some translations are corrected.

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-11-01

A quick modification and FreeDB

To those who are puzzled by the last message that WebMplayer has already been downloaded over 2000 times, while the total number within the filereleases menu is just below 2000, please go to the Stats-page.
The differences in number between the filerelease and the stats is given by the fact that these numbers are counted in different ways.
The filerelease number is connected to the present files, while the stats give the complete number of downloaded files, even when some of them are already removed.... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-10-20

Over 2000 downloads...

Well, to be honest, I'm a bit suprised that my little project has an average of 20 downloads per day...
I know it isn't a terribly high number, but still, just for a webbased frontend I think it is a rather satisfying number.

But enough contemplation on the downloads. Let's focus on the future:
I'm still waiting for getID3() 2.0 with the 'writing tag'-option.
For now it's remarkable that no bugs have been reported, so that gives me some time to think about other features and idea's.
For example FreeDB. This project is taken over by Magix. It still is possible to query the db, so I'm seriously thinking about a way to use the FreeDB in WebMlayer.... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-10-18

Released: WebMplayer v0.5alpha

At nearly 1750 downloads, it's time for a new release. WebMplayer v0.4 has been downloaded quite a lot for such a small project, but a lot of work is still to be done. So, here is v0.5alpha!

As promised, I implemented getID3() version 2.0 to WebMplayer. Note that it is a stripped version of getID3.
Currently, .mp3, .flac, .ogg, .wav, .ra, .ram and .rm extensions are supported.
There is something to say about the genres. WebMplayer uses the so called genreid's as they are known with id3v1.
Ofcourse is it possible to think about more genres than these predefined genres.
Until now only the predefined id3v1 genres are used, but a new option has been added: new genres, which are found in a tag, can automatically added to the genredatabase.
Genres are stored with the genreid into the database. This has become a bit inconvenient since getID3 only returns the full genre-name instead of the genreid.
Nonetheless, I don't want to change the database yet, because that would cause a major change in the complete database and all the functions, using genres. ... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-10-04

Released: WebMplayer v0.4

As promised, today Webmplayer v0.4 is released!

What has changed since v0.3?
Well, I was quite content with v0.3.3, but I've found a critical bug: no adding and updating was possible...
That's the first I fixed. But besides that, I've added a new feature: a quick-playing button in the adminpanel.
This feature is added, because sometimes it isn't possible to recover the artist or title by the filename or the id3-tags.... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-09-05

Announcement: WebMplayer v0.4 coming up next week

The good news is: v0.4 is coming sooner than expected! A new feature will be added to quickly listen to a song in the adminpanel (helpful to files with neutral names and no id3-tags).
The bad news is: v0.4 is coming sooner than expected... I've found a critical bug (updating and adding songs isn't working properly...).

So, next week (probably tuesday), after some extra testing and codechecking, v0.4 will be ready to download.... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-09-01

WebMplayer over 1000 downloads!

Within less than two month, WebMplayer has been downloaded over 1000 times!
It surely encourages me to work on with the project. Although work has started again, I'll try to find some time to work on WebMplayer.
Just to give a hint about what's coming:
- A "quick play"-option in the adminpanel
- The implementation of the newest version of GetID3.

All (reasonable) featurerequests are welcome. And if you find an error or knows some better code, please contact me.

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-09-01

Released: WebMplayer v0.3.3

The Debugging release! Now, this release fixes all errors, warnings and notices produced by the PHP-errorhandler (except for getid3.php).
Most important: in the login-code (admin.php) session_register (deprecated) is replaced with $_SESSION[] (thanks to Nick).
Some pages also have had a bit of codecleaning. Also, other fileformats are possible to add to the database (.wav, .flac, .ra, .rm, .wma are added).
See the changelog for further details.... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-08-18

Released: WebMplayer v0.3.2

Almost a week has gone since v0.3.1. Well, it's still holiday for me. That explains why there's so much activity with this project.

Again, some minor bugs have been fixed. Especially playlist.php has been revised. See the changelog for details.

Besides that, a small bug in the demo-site has been fixed (admin.php). Ofcourse, the demo-site has been updated to v0.3.2. Unfortunately, the demo doesn't work as smooth and fast as on my own system... But no one is to blame. I'm happy that sf.net has a Project Web Service to publish a homepage and a demosite. So, I'll take the fact that it isn't as fast as a home network (doh...).... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-08-12

Released: WebMplayer v0.3.1

WebMplayer v0.3.1 is released.

In short:
With this version some minor bugs have been fixed and the use of the adminpanel has been improved. See Changelog.txt for more details.

With the use of the demo by different visitors, I noticed some minor bugs, but still: bugs... I fixed some of them.
Another thing was the Adminpanel. I wasn't completely satisfied how it worked. So, I changed the way messages were handled and I think it's easier to use the adminpanel now.... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-08-06

Released: WebMplayer v0.3

A lot of work has been done since the previous release:
- The homepage has been activated
- The demo-page is online.
- And, ofcourse, since v0.2.1 a lot of changing, adding, editing and removing has been done to this small project.

For now, it's just the moment to release v0.3. A bit earlier than expected, but nevertheless a version with much improvements since 0.2.1.

It's strongly recommended to everyone, who already use WebMplayer, to upgrade to v0.3. See the readme-file for further instructions. ... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-08-02

Online Demo Available

An online demo is available now. It has two purposes:
- To show what WebMplayer can do.
- To find other bugs and that kind of things.

Ofcourse, the online demo doesn't produce any music. The equalizer, for example, is just a dummy. The play, stop and next buttons are disabled and no stream can be started.

Also the password-protection to access the adminpanel is removed to give a direct access to adjust and alter the samples.... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-08-02

WebMplayer Home Page is Online!

First of all: I want to thank Wayne Davison for adding the missing folders and giving them the correct rights!
Although the projectpages give all the information you need, the homepage gives an overview in a glance of what WebMplayer can do, what the requirements are and what the latest projectnews is.

There's still some work to do with the homepage, but so far, so good.

This new homepage also brought to light some bad css-styling... This buggy document has to be done first before releasing WebMPlayer v0.3.... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-07-30

Coming soon: WebMplayer v0.3

As promissed earlier, WebMplayer v0.3 is coming soon. Before v0.3 will be released, I want to upload a more welcoming page then this projectpage to http://webmplayer.sourceforge.net.

But a little hint of what's coming:
- v0.3 comes with different languagefiles (EN, DE, NL).
- Major codechangings has been done with the index-page and all the menubars.

I still have some work to do with the css.
There's still to much differences between the layout, when using FireFox or InternetExplorer.
For those, who want to know: I prefer using FireFox instead of Iexplorer, so the 'policy'is that the css should be working perfect with FireFox.... read more

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-07-29

Mplayer 1.0pre8: the latest version of Mplayer

Perhaps some of the users, who have read the README file, wonder where Mplayer 1.0 (as is required using WebMplayer) could be downloaded, for there's no 'official' 1.0 version.

Although is more than a month ago, Mplayer 1.0pre8 is released. WebMplayer works fine with the latest release of Mplayer. As far as I know, no new commandline features are added to this release.

I'm still busy with finding usefull commands to integrate in WebMPlayer. If you've any idea, please let me know.

Posted by Qaranthir 2006-07-29