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Posted by Gustavo Gomes 2009-07-18

WebMesh Framework 0.13 and WebMesh Newsletter 1.2 Released!

The new version of the WebMesh Framework and WebMesh Newsletter based on the Framework was released.
The WebMesh Newsletter was updated to support the latest version of the framework and was implemented the i18n for two languages: English US and Brazil Portuguese.
webMesh Newsletter isn't a great send newsletter application but offer a demonstration the framework power and your features in action.... read more

Posted by Gustavo Gomes 2009-07-18

WebMesh framework 0.12 released

WebMesh framework 0.12 is released with some new features and improvements.

Posted by Gustavo Gomes 2009-05-03

The webmesh newsletter 1.1 is available

To understand better how to the webmesh framework work, a simple newsletter sender application had been developed based on webmesh version 0.11.2.

The webmesh newsletter application is available in:

The webmesh framework 0.11.2 is available in:

Posted by Gustavo Gomes 2008-03-09

Release 0.11.2

The release 0.11.2 already be available.
See the ChangeLog to know what the new changed.

Posted by Gustavo Gomes 2008-03-09

The webmesh newsletter 1.0 is available

To understand better how to the webmesh framework work, a simple newsletter sender application had been developed based on webmesh version 0.11.1.

The webmesh newsletter application is available in:

The webmesh framework 0.11.1 is available in:

Posted by Gustavo Gomes 2007-10-20

Release 0.11.1

The release 0.11.1 already be available.

Posted by Gustavo Gomes 2007-10-20

WebMesh 0.11 released!

The WebMesh framework have a new release!

The main features and improviments are:
- New package [imaget] to manipulating images and generate thumbnails or watermarks.
- Added more classes in [util] package (collections).
- The Importer class has some tasks uncouple. This tasks are assigned to other classes that execute it.
- The new version of the webmeshmvc (1.1) is released (the MVC implementation).
- The PHPDoc is reviewed.

Posted by Gustavo Gomes 2007-07-19

Coming soon the new release will be avaliable

The new release 0.11 of the webmesh framework will come with new features and improviments.

Posted by Gustavo Gomes 2007-07-17

Replaced the file releases (v0.10)

The file releases was replaced by same files with more PHPDoc. No significant modification was not applied, therefore we kept the same version.
The main packages that was replaced are the following:
- webmeshmvc (WEB-INF/lib/webmeshmvc)
- dataobject (WEB-INF/classes/phpx/persistence and WEB-INF/classes/phpx/persistence/dataobject)

Posted by Gustavo Gomes 2007-03-10

Soon the web site will be launched

Soon the web site of framework will be launched depending mainly of the SourceForge Shell server (that maintain the web sites) to be online.

Posted by Gustavo Gomes 2007-02-16

Released a stable version of the framework

The WebMesh framework already was being developed sice April of 2006 and now released a stable version.

Download now and discover what this framework can offer to you.

Posted by Gustavo Gomes 2007-02-15

Knows some of the projects integrated to the WebMesh

This framework reuse various open source projects integrated to it. See below some of these projects:

PHP Projects
- A part of Phrame (MVC framework - https://www.phrame.org/\).
- Log4php (logging framework - http://logging.apache.org/log4php/\)
- Smarty (template framework - http://smarty.php.net\)
- ADOdb (database abstraction library - http://adodb.sourceforge.net/\)
- JPGraph (PHP Graph creating library - http://www.aditus.nu/jpgraph/\)
- AD LDAP (AD manipulating - http://adldap.sourceforge.net/\)
- Zend framework (http://framework.zend.com)
- PEAR DB and DB_DataObject... read more

Posted by Gustavo Gomes 2007-02-09

The first BETA

In this month will be released the first BETA of the WebMesh framework.

API features:
- Date and time manipulating (util package)
- Data structure classes (util package)
- Manipulating, reading and writing files (io package)
- simple and attachment send mail (mail package)
- Implement TCP/IP client and servers (sockets)
- Encapsulated HTTP service in several classes as HttpRequest, HttpResponse, HttpSession and HttpService (http package)
- Access database, execute SQL queries and offer interfaces to be used on the entities (persistence package)
Contains two frameworks in this package
- ADOdb - Access databases and execute SQL queries
- dataobject - ORM to persistence in RDB (relational-database) or xml

Posted by Gustavo Gomes 2007-02-06

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