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Webman 2.0 alpha released

An alpha version of webman 2.0, a powerful content management system for the production of large web sites, is now available for download. The latest version of webman uses Struts as the mvc model and castor for object relational mapping.

Posted by Alexander Grosse 2003-09-26

Preview of new version released

A preview of the new WebMan version is now released. The new version uses struts as the MVC model and Castor for object-relational mapping. This is not (!) a version intended for production purposes. Download it here:http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/webman-cms/webman-dev.jar?download

Posted by Alexander Grosse 2003-07-25

Whitepaper released

Finally we released an english whitepaper about webman. Webman is a powerful content management system, based on Java. The whitepaper explains webman's concept and lists all projects realized using webman.

Posted by Alexander Grosse 2003-04-15

German Whitepaper released

A german Whitepaper for Webman, a powerful content management system has been released. You can download it from: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/webman-cms/Whitepaper-german.pdf?download
English version will follow next week.

Posted by Alexander Grosse 2003-04-02

Webman and PostGreSQL 7.3

Webman runs now together with PostGreSQL 7.3. See the following file for instructions:

Please report any bugs...

Posted by Alexander Grosse 2003-03-28

Installer for webman released

The first version of the webman installer is released. Please download the version from http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/webman-cms/Installation.zip?download

Posted by Alexander Grosse 2003-03-26

Webman available

The latest stable release of webman 1.6.14 is now available for download. The source will be on sourceforge within the next days.

Posted by Alexander Grosse 2002-12-06

Availability of webman

Webman will be available for download in the next four weeks. There will be a stable release and a developer version. Check back in november for more news.

Posted by Alexander Grosse 2002-10-28