David Luu - 2011-08-20

Not much documentation  to go by to compile the tool from sources. As per other post in this thread, there's also no precompiled binaries forcing user to compile themself.

Some particular issues:

* project lists support for Linux, and open source typically supports multiple build tools, or at least open source build tools. It seems the docs point to requirement for Visual C++ 6 w/ SP6 just to build this tool. That's not quite in the spirit of open source. One wonders can this tool even be built with other compilers? If yes, it would be nice to doc how to build and provide sample scripts for other compilers.

* The build doc mentions that you can get the third party tool binaries, or sources and compile them yourself. But it isn't clear for some tools what particular folders to copy to the tools directory, such as ACE and whether the webload build process also compiles those tools for you or not. Because I notice this in my build output for my attempt to build:

*** Currently building ACEWrap - release
File not found.
Please verify that the path and file name are correct.
Error: no project loaded.

I would have thought tool assumed you could just copy over binaries for ACE and not worry about this (assuming there are already binaries that not require compiling for ACE)

It would have been nice to provide some compile steps for the third party tools like ACE, openssl, and PCRE.