David Luu - 2011-08-20

the build doc mentions you can copy over binaries or compile sources then copy over binaries for the 3rd party tools. But the doc only references sources for some of the 3rd party tools.

I haven't successfully compiled webload, but thought I'd share some tips on binaries for 3rd party tools in case they work and save oneself need to compile from sources. One can also try a web search for the binaries.

* PCRE - http://www.psyon.org/projects/pcre-win32/, to be safe, can get both the static & dynamic DLL versions

* OpenSSL - http://www.slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html (but might need to install VC++ 2008 redistributables on webload deployed machine to make this work)

* Gecko SDK - the provided link didn't work, found another one from visiting the referenced Mozilla site:


And would be nice if there was a compiled version of the Xerces library, there may be, I didn't search for it though.