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WebHuddle 0.4.9 Released: Improved Desktop Sharing

WebHuddle, the open-source, cross-platform web conferencing solution that's simple, small, and secure, has released version 0.4.9. The main feature of version 0.4.9 is vastly improved desktop sharing. Screen updates appear much faster, while using the same or less bandwidth than previous versions of WebHuddle.

Other improvements include support for scheduling meetings and many bug fixes. Want to try WebHuddle? Create an account for yourself here: ... read more

Posted by John McCaughey 2007-04-19

WebHuddle 0.4.7 Released: LDAP Support

WebHuddle is simple, small, secure web conferencing that works in any Java-enabled browser.

In this new version (0.4.7), WebHuddle introduces LDAP support. See the LDAP-README document for details on configuring it for your LDAP server. The LDAP support should work with MS Active Directory, too, but I haven't tested that so any reports would be appreciated. As always, please take advantage of the help forum if you encounter difficulties (or just want to share feedback): ... read more

Posted by John McCaughey 2006-09-26

WebHuddle 0.4.6 Self Aware!

Maybe not quite self-aware, but version 0.4.6 of WebHuddle, the open source web-conferencing solution, has several major bug fixes and new features. It has been a while since the last news post, so we'll share milestones from this release and a few previous ones. But first, want to try WebHuddle right now? Click here:


Or, view a recorded WebHuddle session:... read more

Posted by John McCaughey 2006-06-20

WebHuddle Web Conferencing Software Reviewed on Kolabora.com

Robin Good, the person behind masternewmedia.com, kolabora.com and other popular and influential web sites, reviews WebHuddle in this article: http://tinyurl.com/c33j5 . Robin has given lots of valuable suggestions, some of which are already being incorporated in the next version of WebHuddle. We thank Robin for the help and look forward to more input in the near future!

Posted by John McCaughey 2005-09-13

WebHuddle 0.4.1 Released

WebHuddle is small, simple and secure web conferencing for any platform that supports Java. WebHuddle has released a new beta version with several important bug fixes and enhancements.

All JSP pages are now pre-compiled for top performance, and the README is updated with a note on how to prevent an issue related to HTTP keep-alives. A major bug seen on computers with no sound configured has also been resolved. As well, screen shots are now available: http://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=114433

Posted by John McCaughey 2004-11-22