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  • Alexey Lobanov

    Alexey Lobanov - 2008-06-07

    I am trying to compile Webhuddle from CVS and see that java/com/sts/webmeet/server/ejb/ v 1.18 just is not compilable because of multiple errors related to fresh PDF processing code. Some of the errors are trivial like missing iFileSize parameter in handlePdf() invocation, some aren't.

    Downgrading this file to 1.17 helps. At least, it can be compiled.

    Can anyone fix this major bug?


    • Ysi Peltonen

      Ysi Peltonen - 2008-06-16

      Hi Alexey,

      Does fixed one (1.19) work?\*checkout*/webhuddle/webhuddle/src/java/com/sts/webmeet/server/ejb/

      Thanks, John!


      PS. Alexey, does WebHuddle work with cyrillics - то есть, по-русски?

      • Alexey Lobanov

        Alexey Lobanov - 2008-06-16

        Hi Ysi,

        At least, the new code had been compiled without errors. Unfortunately, I am not able to test it's functionality right now. Thank you!

        As to Russian and Cyrillics: I did not check it too at this stage of deployment.

        And the current state is bad enough: when I create new meeting, sometimes I enter it properly as the moderator, and sometimes everything dies with "client not found" log record at the server side and inactive Webhuddle panel at the client side. A classic non-deterministic behavior.


        2008-06-16 17:35:29,685 DEBUG [com.sts.webmeet.server.LiveConference] renaming client: 919614930a000003005f8245c85b8f6a 9196096c0a00000300a53948d8ed9332
        2008-06-16 17:35:29,686 ERROR [com.sts.webmeet.server.ThreadedOutboundConnectionServer] renameClient: client 9196096c0a00000300a53948d8ed9332 not found


        2008-06-16 17:36:11,727 INFO  [com.sts.webmeet.server.ThreadedOutboundConnectionServer] error in broadcastObject: client 9196096c0a00000300a53948d8ed9332 not found

        As far as I understand, this error is very far from UploadManagerSession.

        The server environment is Debian Linux with Sun Java SDK 1.5.0_14-b03.


        • John McCaughey

          John McCaughey - 2008-06-18

          Thanks for the post.  Do you get the same problem when using

          • Alexey Lobanov

            Alexey Lobanov - 2008-06-18

            Hi all.

            Short reply: the "client not found" problem resides at my side :-)

            Long reply.

            The only reason for me to use CVS instead of 0.4.9 is "" feature. I do not want to create extra ports on the gate machine, and I am trying to forward access through Apache and ajp13, same as I do now for several other Java-based services like Dovecot and OpenXchange.

            Yesterday I made the problem deterministic. "Indirect" ajp13 access works fine if I had been connected to my Webhuddle directly from same client before indirect ajp13 access. Nothing strange, taking in account that the Webhuddle internal database contains the client IP.

            I'll report further details - and, I hope, solution or ideas for solution.



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