Active Directory 2003

  • Marco Rojas

    Marco Rojas - 2009-06-26


    I am brand new to WebHuddle, I was able to get it going on my Ubuntu server.  I want to be able to use LDAP on my Windows 2003 server (moving to openldap soon) but for testing I would like to make this work.  I followed the pdf guide and that didn't work, I followed the instructions on this forum for windows 2002 and that didn't work either.  Has anyone been able to make this work with W2k3?  Maybe posting the configuration files here would be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance.


    • John McCaughey

      John McCaughey - 2009-06-26

      If you are moving to openldap why bother with active directory?  It is definitely more hassle to get working than with a standard ldap. 

      I don't have an AD server to play with but I know others have gotten it to work and I think they posted details in this forum.

    • Marco Rojas

      Marco Rojas - 2009-06-27

      I am not ready for LDAP yet but would like to get the app to work with Active Directory on Windows 2003 for testing since that's what I have running at the moment.

      I have been searching like crazy and can't find anything for windows 2003 and I haven't had any luck with the 2000 configurations.

      I will keep looking and thanks for the post!


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