Upload slides hangs/says wrong file type

  • Lisa Stroyan

    Lisa Stroyan - 2008-06-24

    Uploading a file to the public server is hanging for me in firefox.  I can get jpegs to work but all of my .ppt, sxi files sit with "waiting for webhuddled.com" for hours.  My file only has one test slide in it.

    I tried the same thing in Opera or Internet Explorer, and the first time, it came back with a message about it being the wrong file type, even though I tried both .ppt (from Open Office) and ".sxi".  But now, trying again, I get the hang on IE; Opera eventually (1/2 hour later) told me it was the wrong kind of file.

    Is anyone else successful in uploading files created in Open Office?  (I also tried one created in Google Docs with the same result).



    • John McCaughey

      John McCaughey - 2008-06-25

      Thanks for the post and sorry for any inconvenience! 

      WebHuddle uses OpenOffice to convert Powerpoint files into images.  The OpenOffice process hangs up occasionally, and I think this is what you encountered.  I hope to add a script that monitors OOo and restarts it as needed so this issue doesn't happen.


    • Lisa Stroyan

      Lisa Stroyan - 2008-06-26

      Thanks, John.  Please let me know if there is any way I can help debug the problem.  I'm happy to send you the ppt files I'm trying, try different browsers/files, or report results of debugging code if you like.

      The strange thing is that I'm using OpenOffice to create the files.  (One was created in Google docs; that didn't work either).  I have the latest OO on Vista.  I'm going to try from our Linux machine and see if the client machine makes any difference.



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