Can't build with MinGW

  • Charles Roth

    Charles Roth - 2008-12-09

    Building webhuddle with MinGW has been failing in (at least) the last few days... the script churns and churns and visits a variety of websites, trying to download stuff, but ultimately fails.

    Does anyone have, or know of, a static copy of the full source package for MinGW?  At this point, it seems impossible to fully build webhuddle "fresh" now, if one goes by the usual MinGW download-and-build method.

    • John McCaughey

      John McCaughey - 2009-02-02

      Sorry for the delay!  Sounds like you are trying to do this on Linux, is that correct?  If so, you can just use your distro's package manager to get mingw.  In Ubuntu, this would be something like:

      apt-get install mingw32

      Or if you do not care about supporting the MS JVM for screen scraping, you can add 'skip.jni=defined' to you file, as described in docs/README-BUILD.txt

      If you are on a Mac, or if you have otherwise sorted this out, please share here -- thanks!


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